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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

ProArt By Satyam

How to Draw Anime Character with Beautifull Manga Character step by step tutorial for beginner

How to Draw Anime Characters


Hello! Welcome to my Proart.


          I am going to give a tutorial on How to Draw Anime Characters or How to Draw Manga step by step for beginner and intermediate.
 In this tutorial, I am drawing two beautiful Anime character.

Anime is also known as manga and are mostly used in Japanese comics books.
Anime drawing is mainly popular among kids and young.
In this tutorial, we are going to see how to draw anime characters from the comfort of your homes. 
                                 If you are beginner trying to learn anime drawing than you have to start drawing with circle, square and rectangles. I know this sounds crazy but once you perfect them, you will understand the concept of drawing anime/manga characters with these circles, squares and rectangles.

                                 Try to draw every day to sharpen your skill, once you will happy with your result you will master yourself in drawing. Improvise on the angle of the drawing with I discuss later in this tutorial. Learn the basic anatomy of human as most of the anime or manga drawings are based on real human characters.

You will need:
  • 2 different pencils - a dark 6B pencil or above and a light pencil HB.
  • Drawing sheet
  • Eraser 
  • Black Ball Pen

Step 1

Draw a straight line(which make the distance between both anime characters) and also draw an another line(inclined line for the angle of the male anime face) connected to the first line at an angle.  

how to draw anime body

Step 2
As you can see in the picture below - connect red line(angle for the female anime character) with the straight line at an some angle

how to draw anime bodies for beginners

>>> Use a pencil to draw the rough lines, the above-illustrated lines is only for making easy to understand. 

how to draw anime clothes

Step 3

How to Draw Anime Face

Here we start drawing male anime face, take first inclined line as a reference line for drawing anime face. Draw a face like a curve structure like forehead, nose, lips and chin. 

How to Draw Anime Character

Step 4

How to Draw Anime Eyes

In this step, we will draw anime eye and eyebrow.
The eyes are among the most important and beautiful features of anime and manga characters. Thus, it is very important to be able to draw them correctly.
Learn To Draw Anime Eyes
              Mark a horizontal line between curves, of the forehead and the nose and draw the eye of anime 1cm away. Learn to draw anime eyes
Learn How to Draw Human Eyes

 How to draw anime eyes

Step 5

Now in this step learn how to draw anime ears, follow the steps below as you can see in the picture below.

how to draw anime ears

Step 6

How to Draw Anime Hair :

There is much different manga hair style, everyone hastheire unique technique of hair. Anime hair is composed of many strands. There are some of simplest form of each hair style. 

                          So, in the figure below draw simple one by one strand of hair and you can start putting them together to form more something that more resembles anime hair.    


how to draw anime mouth :

 This is very simple to draw anime mouth, just draw less than symbol "<" see the figure below. In it draw teeth and tongue respectively.

 How to draw anime hair

Step 7

How to Draw Anime Girl Face : 

Erase all the reference lines and to draw anime girl face, draw an inclined V-shaped structure. 
Draw anime/manga female nose.

how to draw anime girl face

how to draw anime girl face step by step

Step 8
To draw anime eyes step by step visits the post below:-

draw female anime mouth and lips, it is very simple to draw just follow the steps. 
how to draw anime girl face

Step 9

How to Draw Anime Hair Female

Draw an outline using pencil use light strokes, don't press too hard in the beginning just draw a rough sketch, Draw hair line. In the beginning, draw each strand of hair and put them together to form like hair view.
                       Now draw anime hand, it mainly resembles like a human hand. 
just follow the step below.

how to draw anime eyes female

Step 10
Now rough sketch is done!!!
Draw outline using black ball pen.

how to draw anime eyes female

Step 11
Now it's time for shading
learn to shade and improve your shading skill

How to Draw Anime/manga Character

Step 14
Final Step!!!
complete the whole shading ...

how to draw anime

how to draw manga

how to draw anime hair

 how to draw anime for beginners


  • Don't press too hard in beginning.
  • Use light strokes for rought drawing.
  • Always use light HB pencil.
  • For outline use Black Ball Pen.
  • Shade the entire anime characters.
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wow! awesome anime tutorial by you sir ... it really help me to improve my skill... thanks for this post :)

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thankyou bro!!! .. keep visiting @proart .. #learn and #peace