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Thursday, 5 January 2017

ProArt By Satyam

How To Draw Batman and batman Logo easy drawing art - Draw Superman Emblem

How To Draw The Superman VS Batman Logo

Step By Step, Easy  Drawing Art

Today I'm going to teach you how to draw superman and batman logo with easy and simple method just you have to follow few simple steps and you can draw a good superman logo.

#Superman VS Batman Logo


Draw Superman Emblem

superman logo


                                                                      Superman symbol "Superman S" is one of the most famous logos in the world. Superman logo is the iconic logo for the fictional DC Comics Superhero Superman.
In its original establishment in action comics #1, Superman's Emblem was a letter S with red and blue on yellow police badge symbol that resembled a shield.

There are many superman logo makers online that make real superman logo and own personalised superman logo.

The tradition of wearing a representative symbol on the chest was mimicked by many subsequent superheroes including Batman, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and much more.

                                                                     John Romita Jr. is the creator of many superheroes which includes Superman, Batman, etc. 

#Learn to Draw

The basic and complete A-Z guide on How To Draw:-
Visit the above page and there you can easily learn the superman and the Batman drawing.

 ➤ Here I'm going to show you How To Draw Superman Logo Step By Step.

#What You Will Need: -

  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Colour Sketch Pens
  • Ruler
  • Drawing Sheet
  • Eraser

➤Just follow these Steps To Draw good Superman logo.

How To Draw The Superman logo -  Draw superman Emblem

Step 1

Take a white dawing sheet and make an equilateral(all three sides of the triangle is of the same size) triangle shape with the pencil, I recommend you to use light strokes. So, that it can easily erase without any scar on the sheet.

Superman logo

Step 2

Draw a straight line starts from the middle of the lower angle and cuts the half of the upper base as you can see in the figure below, and draw a line parallel to the base.

batman sketch

Step 3

Connet both the parallel line with each other. The figure below appears like Diamond shape.

batman sketch steps

Step 4

Double the Diamond shape figure.

batman logo step 4

Step 5

Using eraser lighten the Diamond. Using light Strokes of an eraser.

batman logo step 5

Steps 6

Draw the arc as you can see in the figure below.

batman logo step 6

Step 7

Draw S in the Diamond as instructed below. 

batman logo step 7

Step 8

Outlining the whole Superman Emblem using pen and erase all the previous pencil work 
to give it more contrast look.

batman logo real

Step 9

Now final touch-up at last colour the Emblem, letter S with red and remaining part with yellow colour.

batman logo

More picFurther you can also give it more shaded and 3D look.

batman logo real

Now moving ahead !!!

I am going to combine this Superman logo with Batman logo (Superman VS Batman)
Draw Batman Emblem..

First, check this out Drawing Of Batman Step By Step a complete step by step guide on

 Batman sketch. This is a tutorial for beginner and also for intermediate(advance).
 ➨Go Hit The Link➨Visit➨
 Learn➨Master your skills➨ Click Here

                     Lets start our further Batman Vs Superman logo tutorial

Step 1

Using pencil lightly draw the wings and a head of a batman emblem.

superman vs batman logo real

Step 2

Darken the outline using a pen.  

superman vs batman logo real

Step 3

Now you can also use shading strokes or you can draw it fully black, as the colour of batman
the emblem is black for instance.

how to draw superman vs batman logo real

Step 4

Shade the remain parts.

And done!

how to draw superman vs batman logo real

Further, You can also make cracks for more real and contrast look.

             superman vs batman logo real advance

#Side View

superman vs batman logo real

This tutorial is on how to draw batman and superman emblem, Draw Superman Emblem And Draw Batman Emblem. I hope the tutorial was interesting and cognitive for you. If you want to try to draw something more complicated, I recommend you tutorial on How To Draw Batman and How To Draw Superman. Stay tuned and wait for new lessons!

If you have any problem you can contact me or comment below in the comment box. 

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