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Sunday, 4 December 2016

ProArt By Satyam

How to draw tattoos in 7 steps step by step easy and simple method design your own tattoo | tattoo guns | tattoo patterns | design a tattoo | tattoo designer | cool tattoo ideas

How to draw Tatoos-temporary tattoos 

dragoart tattoo proart

tattoo patterns | tattoo designer | cool tattoo ideas


          Art is all about your deep imagination, skill and thinking.

      "Tattoo drawing are permanent markings in the skin made by way of ink and needles. Once ink deposited on the second layer of skin known as Dermis. A tattoo  is now an acceptable form of Body Art."

       tattoo designer design tattoo by their cool tattoo ideas

      >>>  Today I'm going to show how to draw tattoos(tattoo patterns) using sketch pen and ball pen.

        What You Will Need
  • Black, Blue, Red, Green etc pen (any colour of your desire).
  • Sketch pen 
  • Eyeliner

             what you'll be going to creating                                             
lion tattoo


 This is temporary tattoo tutorial hope you will enjoy it! 

   Step 1

                    You need a Hand hahaha!!! I mean a hand on which tattoo design is to be drawn. Here I'm drawing it on my own hand. 

flame tattoo



Step 2
                        Choose desire easy tattoos in the beginning. Take a Black Ball Pen which usually used to prefer,
Make the outline of your tattoo on your hand. Here I am outlining the lion's head. (art)     
flame tattoo

  Step 3

                 Keep going! until you finish it. Complete the whole outlines of your tattoo design.

temporary tattoo

   Step 4

                        Start filling the black ink in the tattoo using your black ball pen. you can fill any colour, but I would like to prefer black because it looks very authentic and real. Later on, I will show you tattoo with many different colours      

temporary lion tattoo

Step 5

      keep it up! keep going !!! fill all the vacant places. 

ballpen tattoo

Step 6

          You're done! Tattoo pattern is about to ready. It just needs finishing. 

dragoart tattoo

  Step 7

         just work on edges make it more taper, sharpen, clean and vibrant. 

dragoart lion tattoo

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tribal tattoo

tattoo design flame

tattoo ideas


So, this is a tutorial How to draw tattoos.
I hope you learn every step with patience. 

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