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Thursday, 8 June 2017

ProArt By Satyam

How to Draw Dolphin in 6 Easy Steps | Dolphins Lifespan | Dolphin facts for kids | Dolphins habitat | Dolphins representative species | Where do dolphins live | Common bottlenose dolphin | What do dolphins eat | Bottlenose dolphin facts

Hey, Friends!

How are you all???

Today's Tutorial is how to draw dolphin jumping out of the water. As you know the dolphin is a very mammoth giant water animal. Dolphin lives in the ocean. Dolphins are a widely distributed and diverse group of water mammals.
The dolphins comprise the enduring families Delphinidae (the oceanic dolphins)

How to Draw Dolphin

Dolphins are terribly intelligent and they seem to be excellently loved by humans. Dolphin has the power to impress us in a variety of ways. They're curious, kind robust bonds within their pod, and they have been known to assist humans in a variety of circumstances including rescues and with fishing.

Drawing of dolphin are easy and kids the kids love to draw a dolphin. we love to see dolphin's water performance. Dolphin can be a good friend of human, we just need to give training and nurturing them well. 

How to Draw a Dolphin
The dolphin possess are really the authentic and elegant movement that am draw here e step 1. Dolphin appears like a fish but the fact is dolphin is a mammal. It is very easy to draw a dolphin. In this step draw the elongated oval part, the head and a tail of the dolphin. This is animated drawing. So, I prefer you to go with the light 2H pencil, Draw roughly and don't press too hard in the beginning just use the light strokes.

How to Draw a Dolphin step by step
Now let's draw the fin and the tail. Draw a small oval shape on the bigger elongated oval shape and add a line for the fin. Add two parallel lines so that the line of the tail in the (step 1) lies between the two parallel lines.

How to Draw Dolphin

Draw a curved line to connect the head with the body of the dolphin. Draw the fins. As we all know the dolphin is a graceful animal. So, that make all the edges perfect and smooth. Draw some more lines to ensure the basic shape of this elegant dolphin.

how to draw a whale
Draw the two side lower fins and also draw the nose and the eye. Just draw a small circle for the eye and the nose is divided into two parts. Try to draw the fins accurately. Now time to draw the tail fins. 

how to draw a dolphin easy
Erase all the unnecessary lines for the perfect looking dolphin. In this step, you will need to work on all the details and make them smooth and correct.

how to draw a killer whale
Need some shading! shade the dolphin. Shading will give it a good volume and appears like a realistic dolphin. If you want to portray the dolphin jumping out of the water you will need to colour it to convey the real beauty of the dolphin.
Use crayon, water colour, poster colour or sketch pens to colour the dolphin and make them alive by colouring it.

how to draw a Dolphin
The final step to draw a dolphin and your dolphin is ready!!!

Dolphin jumping out of the water
Dolphin jumping out of the water

Dolphins Lifespan

Striped Dolphin = 55 years to 60 years

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin = 40 years

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin = 40 years

Big Dolphin(Killer Whale) = 40 years

Chinese white dolphin = 45 years

Dolphin facts for kids or interesting

The Interesting Facts about Dolphin>>> "There are 43 different species of dolphins that have been recognised. 38 of them are marine dolphins which are those that we are the most aware of and 5 of them are river dolphins. It can be very fascinating to peer at each of these species distinctive versus Dolphins as a whole"

They are very entertaining due to the leaps that they make out of the water. Some of them leap up to 30 feet in the air as they do so. They have to come to the surface to for water at different intervals to get air. This can be from 20 seconds to 30 minutes between when they get air. The body of the dolphin is greyish blue and the skin is very sensitive to human touch and to other elements that could be in the water.
Dolphins have 100 teeth, Dolphin doesn't use them for eating. They use them to get the fish and swallow them. They can consume up to thirty pounds fish every day. They usually work as a team in their pod to get the school of fish surrounded and balled up. From there, they can plough through the middle and eat plenty as they do so.

dolphins have 100 teeths and they don;t use them to eat. they do use them to urge the fish although then they swallow them. they will consume up to thirty pounds fish per day. they sometimes work as a team in their pod to urge the group of fish encircled and balled up. From there, they will struggle through the center and eat plenty as they do so.

Dolphins habitat

There are locations all over the world where you will find dolphins habitat. They live in all of the oceans and seas as well as in some rivers. They are considered to be polite nature and they have a magnetic draw to them that is hard to pass up. They are often found by people who are in boats or on the coast and most of the dolphin species live in saltwater

Dolphins representative species

The common dolphin representative species are: -
  • Risso’s dolphin
  • Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)
  • Common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis/capensis)
  • Common Bottlenose Dolphin 

Where do dolphins live?

Dolphin lives in the ocean, seas, river and dolphin also found in salt water.

Common bottlenose dolphin

These friendly, curious and playful dolphins are dark grey or sometimes bluish or brownish grey, with paler lower sides and lighter belly. They have a short, stubby beak, a high dorsal fin, long slender pointed flippers, and pointed fluke. The coasts of Devon and Cornwall are habitat to a group of forty bottlenose dolphins, which move widely and can be very difficult to find.

What do dolphins eat

What do dolphins eat???
Do you know???

Each species of dolphin have their different taste of foods and varies from place to place.
Some dolphins eat small fishes like herring, cod or mackerel, some others eat squids or other cephalopods.
Even more, the bigger family of dolphins like killer whales, eat marine mammals like seals or sea lions and sometimes even turtles.
On average, a dolphin with a weight of 200 – 250 Kg will eat between 10 Kg to 25 Kg of fish every day.

Bottlenose dolphin facts

  • The bottlenose dolphin is an averagely sized dolphin that can be travelling throughout the world's tropical and sub-tropical environments.

  • Bottlenose Dolphin Known for their awesome sense of intelligence, the curiosity of humans and boisterous aerial acrobatics the bottlenose dolphin is well-known and loved species throughout the world.

  • The bottlenose dolphin has a greyish coloured skin tone.

  • Below the body of the bottlenose dolphin is much lighter in colour and is closer to white than grey.

  • Dolphins size can reach lengths between 6.5 – 13.5 ft and weigh between 300 – 1,400 lbs. when fully matures.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

ProArt By Satyam

How To Draw a Flower- Tulip

How To Draw a Flower-Tulip

How to Draw a Flower

No wonder if we are saying that flowers have communicative languages within the universe. However, some individuals apprehend plenty of the secrets of roses and flowers that fill human life with joy and happiness. Flowers learn US several things and place solutions to our crises and issueshowever they're still absent from our mind.

Today I'm going to have a tutorial on how to draw a flower(Tulip). 

Learn flowers tutorial

Drawing flower is quite a very easy task. 

Isn't it??

This is a very simple, easy and step by step drawing tutorial. You just have to follow some easy steps below.

Step 1
Draw a circle.

How To Draw a Flower

Step 2
Draw a curve line.
How To Draw a Flower

Step 3

Now draw petals.

How To Draw a Flower

Step 4

Sketch the rough lines for leaves

How To Draw a Flower

Step 5

Thicken the leaves and stalk.

How To Draw a Flower

Step 6

Draw the lines in petal and leaves.

How To Draw a Flower

Step 6

Now color the petals.

How To Draw a Flower

Step 7

Color the stem and leaves.

How To Draw a Flower

Step 8

Outline the whole figure.

How To Draw a Flower

Step 9

After some finishing... 
It's Done!!!
More Tulip tutorial 

How To Draw a Flower

This is the tutorial on How to draw a flower - tulip. I hope you like this tutorial and will appreciate it and if you have any query regarding anything related to drawing and this post, contact me or comment below in the comment box. 

Saturday, 3 June 2017

ProArt By Satyam

How To Draw a Sunflower

How To Draw a Sunflower

Hey, Artist! 

Today's tutorial is on the Sunflower (How to Draw a Sunflower). Kids are really fond

of drawing easy and simple things like drawing flower, scenario, animal etc. 

Isn't it?

The flower is a pure and beautiful creation of Nature. It is offered to Gods and presented to the dear and near ones, because of its beauty and purity. Flowers like the roses, lotuses, sunflower etc. are famous for their beauty and glamour.

A flower could be a special quite plant structure. Flowers also are referred to as the bloom or blossom of a plant. The flower grows on a stalk – a skinny node – that supports it. Flowers have petals. within the part of the flower that has petals area unit the elements that manufacture spore and seeds.


What you will need:

  • 6H or 4H darker pencil
  • 2H light pencil
  • A black ball pen
  • Paper
  • Colour(watercolour or Poster paint or colour sketch pen)
  • Eraser

This is the basic things you will need to draw! Right???

So, this tutorial is basically a step by step tutorial for the beginner who wants 

to learns something worthy and enhance his drawing skills just follow the steps 

below to learn this awesome sunflower drawing.

Step 1
Draw a small circle. Use a 2H light pencil and don't press too hard in the beginning. 

how to draw a flower

Step 2
Draw an another Big circle so that it will inscribe the smaller circle. This is the basic structure of drawing sunflower.

how to draw a flower
Step 3
Now! it's time to draw petals. 
For drawing petals, you have to draw an elongated heart like structure.

how to draw a flower

Step 4

Repeat the above step(Step 3) until the every space in the circle fully covered.

Now Move to the stem below!Draw a curve line for the stem...and a leaf.
how to draw a flower

Step 5
Stem: Draw an another curve parallel line to provide width and cross section of the stem and also draw the second leaf.

Erase the outer reference big circle.

Rough Sunflower sketch is almost created. Now it's time to colour our sunflower.  

how to draw a flower

Step 6
Now the question is have you see the sunflower? what is the colour of sunflower? 

yeah! you may be seen the sunflower. its petals are yellow and dark brownish in the centre.

So in the centre of the sunflower, I'm colouring it dark brown somewhat reddish.

how to draw a flower

Step 7
Petals are yellow, hence I coloured it yellow.

how to draw a flower

Step 8
As you know that stem and leaves of the plant is green. Isn't it?
So, colour it green.

And also outline the whole flower using black ball pen. I use black ball pen because it is dark.

Almost the colouring part is ready.

how to draw a flower

Step 9
It's time to give it a 3D look. In order to do that, use 6H or 4H darker pencil and try to shade in the base of the petal and use cotton or your finger to smudge it.

What is smudging? 
for smudging, technique read this post

how to draw a flower

Step 10
Smudging done! 
And the Sunflower is ready!!!

how to draw a flower

 More Pictures

how to draw a flower

how to draw a flower

Conclusion: -

Practice makes perfect.Draw the maximum amount as you'll. Doodle throughout the day. consider footage and conceive to draw what you see. return over your mistakes to enhance upon them, and keep making an attempt till you succeed. There don't seem to be shortcuts. 

If you like this tutorial on How to Draw a Sunflower I hope you might also like our Drawing tutorials on cars and superheroes

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Friday, 12 May 2017

ProArt By Satyam

How To Draw a Butterfly Step by Step easy drawing tutorial

How To Draw a Butterfly

how to draw a butterfly

Drawing is fun, right? 

It is one of the most interesting activities that we all have been interested in, at some point of our life.

 It lets us forget all our worries, problems and frustrations while motivating us to battle against them and come out as a triumphant. 

                                                  So to satiate your desire to draw, we are providing you with a method to draw step by step your favourite insect—butterfly. So have a look: How to Draw a Butterfly

Start with the head of the butterfly drawing

If you want to draw a butterfly, you have to start by drawing the head of the butterfly. How can you do it? You can do it by first sketching in a circle to attain the shape of the head. Then after that, you have to draw two small ovals on either side of the circles for the eyes. 

Create the butterfly's antennae

After getting done with the head and eyes of the butterfly, move to its antennae. How can you draw its antennae? It seems to be a very difficult task, but it is not. See how:  Start drawing two lines on the top of the head for antennae. Then add two small ovals at the tip of each of them to complete the picture of antennae.

Draw the body

After getting done with head, antennae and eyes of the butterfly, you have to draw the body.

 To draw the body, you first have to draw two ovals, one of them should be a regular one.

 The regular one should be drawn under the head while an elongated one should be drawn below the head to form the tail end of a butterfly.

Add in the wings

Now after drawing the body, come to the wings. First, draw the top wings to get a clear idea of how wings should be drawn. 

To draw the top wings, first draw two large triangular shapes having rounded sides. After drawing that, draw the bottom wings. 

For the bottom wings, you have to draw two rounded triangular shapes, smaller in size than that of the top wings. 

Design the wings

After drawing the wings, come to the designing part. This is the fun part as it lets you show your creative flair. 

When it comes to designing the wings, you have two options available: to copy a preexisting butterfly's wing design or give yourself a chance to show your knack for creativity

. We can suggest you a few ideas to design the wings: add in some designs such as circles and ovals.

 Make sure to draw clearly what you draw on the right wing on the left wing too, as symmetry is the key to designing a butterfly.

Outline your butterfly with a fine marker

After completing the design of the wings, outline your butterfly with a fine marker as it will highlight the features of a butterfly and make it look more prominent and detailed. 

Color It

Now here comes the fun part. Coloring. You can color it the way you want, without forcing yourself to do it the right way, because there is no right way to color it.

 You can color it the way you want without following a particular guideline or a track. Choose to color it as per your own choice.

 Don't take any guidelines from others while coloring the butterfly. Just let yourself decide the colors and their texture. 

Don't let anyone intervene in your creative zone.

Give it a finishing touch

Now after coloring your butterfly, give it a finishing touch. Make sure the picture is exactly the way you wanted it to be. 

If not, then try to make a few changes to it. It will look better.

Author Bio

Katy Ciara is a passionate blog writer as well custom academic writer, he always tries to help students Write an Essay For Me by helping them in their assignments.


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